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Exquisite Natural Stone Wrap Bracelet

4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us:

Complete Your Boho Chic Look and Attract Healing Energies With This Beautiful Natural Stone Leather Wrap Bracelet



“I love this bracelet! It went perfectly with my black maxi dress and my floppy hat that I wore to Coachella last year. I was also able to use it when I went to the beach just last week. It’s quickly becoming my go-to bracelet… Complete strangers have been coming up to ask me if I bought it from this expensive designer, and I always get a kick out of telling them that it’s not as expensive as they thought it was."

                                        ✔ Julie - VERIFIED buyer



There Are So Many Bracelets Out There… Why Buy This One?

HANDMADE AND UNIQUE - This beautiful beaded bracelet uses lapis lazuli stones, zinc alloy, leather cords to create a unique one-of-a-kind artisan piece. Stunning pieces with their own unique variations.

5 COMPLEMENTARY COLORED  LAYERS - No need to mix and match different bracelets --we take the guesswork out of layering. Just slip on this bracelet and have beautiful wrist candy that’s ready to go.

LOOKS PREMIUM BUT AFFORDABLE - The bracelet may look designer, but its price tag won’t break the bank.


Style a Boho Chic Look for Your Music Festival


Flower crowns, maxi skirts, and layered bracelets are just some of the elements that you need to complete your boho chic look. But not just for a festival, bohemian chic is actually a look that you can rock everyday. For those who want to project free spirited female vibes, bracelets will certainly complete your look.


Wear to Attract the Healing Energies You Need


Semi-precious stones are known to increase healing energies if you wear them on your wrist, around your neck, or in your pocket. Lapis Lazuli, in particular, are known to help with the following:

✅ STRENGTH                     ✅ TRUTH 

✅ WISDOM                        ✅ INTELLECT

✅ INTUITION                      ✅ CONFIDENCE

What’s the Meaning of the Lapis Lazuli Stone on the Bracelet?

The Lapis Lazuli symbolizes truth and wisdom, and were used to dress Egyptian royalty. In fact, pendants, scarabs, and high priest garments were dyed using this stone, so they could make the kingdom know that they were gods themselves. When worn, the stone enhances intellectual ability, and attracts fame and success.

Give This Bracelet to a Friend or Family Member Who Needs It


Know someone who needs to call on strength, wisdom, and intellect in their lives? Buy them this beautiful 5-layer leather bracelet as a gift to show them how much you care. They’ll only need to look at their wrist to remember you and feel inspired all over again. You can also buy matching pairs that you both can wear at the same time to symbolize the strong bonds of your friendship.

This Natural Stone Bracelet Is A Great Gift for All Occasions

✅ Birthdays                           ✅ Surprise

✅ Congratulations                ✅ Christmas

✅ Valentines                         ✅ Mother’s Day


Get this beautiful bracelet for the boho chick in your life. That might be a friend, loved one, or it might be yourself! May the lapis lazuli help you find truth, gain wisdom, and build inner strength. This premium but affordable bracelet will enjoy multiple uses with different outfits for years to come!

                     Love yourself....

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