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Fashion Yoga Bag

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“I wear many hats. I’m a mother. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a writer. But every time that I go take out my yoga bag from my closet, I forget about all of that… and I immediately become a yogi. I love how this bag carries not just my yoga mat, but all of my essentials. Phone, earbuds, wallet, keys, hygiene kit, and more... This bag always makes me look forward to yoga time--the precious sacred hour that I get to squeeze into my busy day that’s all about taking care of the most important person in the world: ME.”

                                            ⭐⭐⭐     Claire -  verified buyer



Take Your Yoga Practice Anywhere With Our Fashionable Yoga Bag




Do You Love Practicing Yoga But...?


❌ Have trouble assembling all the things you need for your yoga practice before you leave the house that you sometimes end up not going?

❌ Hate how most yoga tote bags are so long and unwieldy that you often accidentally bump into produce and people at the supermarket aisle?

❌ Don’t really care for the colours that most yoga bags have because they don’t express your unique personality? 

Well, lucky for you, you’re in the right place...


Presenting… the Jasmine Cloud 9 Fashion Yoga Bag



✅ SPACE FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEED- Our yoga bag has three small and convenient inner pockets to put things like phones, wallets, and keys. If you’re running to the yoga studio and you only want to take a single bag, this bag has space for all your essentials.

✅ ALLOWS YOU TO CARRY YOGA MAT IN UPRIGHT POSITION- Say goodbye to awkwardly trying to avoid hitting people with your large yoga tote bag and say hello to a fashionable bag that sits comfortably on your shoulder. Because the bag keeps the mat in an upright position, you don’t have to worry about accidentally whacking someone.

WATER-RESISTANT FABRIC- Who says “fashionable” can’t also mean “functional”? The Fashion Yoga Bag is made with high-quality cotton and water-resistant material which make it great for storing your yoga mat, water bottle, and a change of clothes, too!

BEAUTIFUL BOHEMIAN STYLE- The yoga mat bag Fashion Yoga Bag comes in four different patterns, all showcasing the free-spirited and fun boho style! Show off your personality when you buy one of our four colourful and eye-catching patterns.

But... Who Are We Kidding? Use This Spectacularly Stylish Bag For More Than Just Yoga

The Fashion Yoga Bag is versatile--inside or outside of the yoga studio! The bag’s water-resistant material makes it ready to take on any weather. Use it as a gym bag, sports bag, beach bag, or even a diaper bag--it can meet all your needs! The bag also comes with three pockets: two large outer pockets for a towel, water bottle, and sunglasses, and one small inner pocket to keep your phone, wallet, and keys safe when you’re out and about.



Shop the Versatile Fashion Yoga Bag Today 


At only $59.99 (but shhhh, there’s a sale!), the Fashion Yoga  Bag is a great buy. Not only is it fashionable and functional, it’s also pretty fabulous. 

Order the Fashion Yoga Bag now and treat yourself to a cute, convenient bag that you’ll love bringing to the yoga studio, work, beach, and just about anywhere that life takes you. 



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