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Camelia 3 pcs Fitness and Yoga Women Outfit

3pcs Pink Suits
3pcs Black Suits
3pcs Dark Green
3pcs Black Blue
3pcs Black white
3pcs Gray

4 Great Reasons To Buy From Us:


Discover This High-Performing 3-Piece Yoga Outfit That Will Make You Look and Feel Beautiful


“I used to hate it when everyone could get a peek up my cotton T-shirt whenever I attended yoga class. I needed to pull my shirt down each time, which meant I was always distracted when I’d move into the downward dog position. Then I discovered this affordable 3-piece yoga suit while I was browsing online.  I bought it and my practice has gotten so much better because I’m now more comfortable in my skin.  don’t have to keep fixing my top. To date, I’ve bought a bunch of other yoga tops and leggings now… and nothing just compares to this first purchase. I just got them all in the colours… Let’s just say that you can now consider this my yoga uniform!” , and I hate to say it… I look pretty amazing, too. Thanks, Jasmine Cloud Nine!”


(BTW, this is a photo of how my yoga outfit used to look like!)


Shop Sexy 3-Piece Athleisure Wear for the Sophisticated Yogi

So, here’s the lowdown on our sexy 3-piece fitness suit that you can wear to the yoga studio or when having coffee with the girls. If you’ve been throwing on a ratty t-shirt and just any pair of leggings you can find, now’s the time to level up your game. 


Why Buy the Camelia 3-Piece Fitness and Yoga Outfit?



GREAT FOR ALL SEASONS -Wicks moisture, so your sweat dries quickly. But warm enough to wear during winter and cool enough for summer! Made from a combination blend ofpolyester, elastane, and nylon

DOESN’T STRETCH OUT EASILY - Honeycomb fabric design with excellent rebound resistance, so it doesn’t sag and gets stretched out over time. Zip closure makes it easy to slip in and out, and thethumb holes offer stylish comfort during nippy weather.

MODERN MINIMALIST PATCHWORK DESIGN - Beautiful colorgradient blend that flatters your body and hugs it in all the right places. Turn people’s heads when you walk down the street with its innovative design.

ACTIVEWEAR THAT’S ALSO SHAPEWEAR - Offers tummy control with its high, wide waistband and four-way stretch fabric.Gently boosts the volume of your butt, so you get the juicy peach look without having to break a sweat.

(P.S. What if we told you that your butt can look this amazing when you wear the Camelia leggings? And that’s without even exercising!)


It’s Time to Buy This 3-Piece Fitness Suit and Stop Thinking About What to Wear to Your Next Workout Session

Stop thinking about your style, stop fiddling with your t-shirt, and start focusing on your workout. Even better, we’ve made it so you can easily mix and match whenever the mood suits you. Want to use the pink long sleeve top with your gray leggings? No worries. You’ll still look amazing.Shop for the Jasmine Cloud Nine 3-Piece Fitness Suit today and take your workout to the next level!

At just $85.99 (check out our price--it might be on sale!), you get the following:





Just take a look at all the colours you can buy these in:

Pink, black, dark green, black blue, black white, and gray.


Buy the stylish Camelia 3-piece fitness and yoga set today and make it your own yoga/fitness uniform just like many of our satisfied customers!

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