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Be Confident! Show Your Firm and Gorgeous Body With the Two-Piece Ultra Seamless Chloe Set




“‘You are a queen, and you deserve the outfit to look the part.’ That’s what my best friend told me when she bought me these workout clothes. I was sceptical at first... But now that I’ve gone to the gym several times using the Chloe Set, I now see that it’s important to feel good about myself while I’m at the gym. I push harder. I do more reps. I’m well on my way to my target weight. Even better, I’m so much more excited now to go to the gym than before!”

                                                   ✅ Liz - verified buyer 






Be Proud of the Body That You’re Working On

You’re beautiful, and you deserve to feel that way all the time, even when you’re hitting the gym. You’re currently on your way to your best and healthiest life, so let’s have the confidence to wear workout clothes that show off your figure. You want the best-fitting gear that makes you look and feel good whether you’re jogging at the park or squatting at the rack. 

Introducing the Chloe Set’s Captivating Crop Top and Leggings!

Running Victory Laps Has Never Looked This Gorgeous


Why Buy The Chloe Set?

FASHION AND FUNCTION- The Chloe Set is a two-piece ultra seamless yoga set that uses breathable, moisture-wicking nylon fabric to make your built-up sweat dry faster on your daily morning runs. You’ll find that with the crop top paired with the leggings, you’ll always look hot while still keeping cool. These features are great for any woman looking for comfortable yet flattering workout wear.

SEXY AND SLEEK - The Chloe Set is the captivating, form-fitting outfit for any foxy fitness enthusiast to wear. This two-piece seamless yoga set doubles as compression wear.  You’ll find that when you sport this form-fitting pair, it’ll accentuate your curves while still allowing flexibility during workouts! The soft fabric will adapt perfectly to your pre-workout stretches or your yoga routine while hugging you in all the right places. 

COLORS FOR ALL MOODS - The Chloe Set comes in a variety of beautiful colors that will fit right in with any mood and style. Looking for workout wear that’s a bit more classy? Take a look at our Black Chloe Set! Have a more vibrant style? The outfit comes in orange, green, blue, and rose as well!



Run Towards A Better, More Beautiful You!


Start chasing your dreams today with beautiful high-performance workout wear for change. Your journey to becoming the best version of yourself begins when you buy our two-piece ultra seamless Chloe Set. At just $68.99 (or less if there’s a sale), you’ll be buying a charming crop top and a elastic pair of leggings.


No More Baggy Gym Clothes!


You may think your baggy T-shirt is comfy to wear while you’re hitting the squat rack or pacing yourself on the treadmill, but it might not be the best choice for a workout. When you wear baggy clothes while exercising, you might be restricting your movement (just imagine doing a downward dog position!) and may even be putting yourself at risk of an injury. 

If you want to look and feel great while working out, then you need this in your wardrobe. You need a workout outfit that makes you feel comfortable and empowered. Every superwoman needs her super suit to perform at her best level. This is why you should check out our Chloe Set.


Once you start working out with the Chloe Set, you’ll be able to observe your form more closely, giving you better results for your fitness goals and even reducing your risk of injury. With this outfit, you’ll feel like the superwoman that you are.

Don’t “think about it” and just start working towards a better you and get the Chloe Set!


                      Love yourself....

                                                   .....We've got your back!________